Sunday, December 9, 2012


These last two days have been hard.  Saturday morning started off with Mom feeling better than she had in days.  She was up and around more than normal.  She took a few naps to catch up on the hours she missed the day before.  By early afternoon, her mind had a good appetite. She asked for chicken, green beans, mac and cheese, corn, and sweet potatoes.  Unfortunately, her body had a different idea.  She got maybe half of her small portioned plate down before the pain set in.  Eating was over.  Soon after, the nausea swept in.  Other than exhaustion these were the first signs of the effects of chemo on her body.  Unfortunately, the nausea still hasnt ceased.  In fact, Elois reported that it was a long night.  Her body is reacting to whats happening inside it.  She has been sick ever since.  Her appetite is gone.  She had two bites to eat all Sunday.  She only sat up today to take medicine and because she felt sick.  However, she really has gotten off to a courageous start.  She is again proving (as she has to each of us countless times before) how tough she is.  Consequently, she has been able to get a lot of sleep.  I walked in this afternoon while she was sleeping and witnessed a huge teeth-filled grin from whatever she was dreaming about.  It was nice to see that in the midst of all of this pain and discomfort that she was in a place that was happy for her.  Hopefully tomorrow or early Tuesday she will start to get the typical boost of energy after the first 3-4 days post-infusion.   Sunday night Mom and Elois read Scripture, prayed and she went to sleep.    Tomorrow, Mickie and Elois will take her to get the pump removed and her port de-accessed.  Better days are coming!


  1. Thanks, Anthony. We're praying too. Hang in there. -b

  2. Anthony thank you for keeping the updates. My prayers are for all of you. Tell Arlene I love her.