Saturday, December 8, 2012


Yesterday, mom started her 1st chemo regimen.  Matt, Elois, and I were all with her.  She did incredibly well.  It 
was a four hour infusion of three drugs.  A 4th drug is being infused over the next 46 hours through a pump she wears at home.  We were supposed to start at 9:30 this morning, but due to some initial insurance complications, we were delayed over two hours.  The slow start ended up to be a blessing.  We didn't at all feel rushed, something we feared.  Instead, we got a lot of time to talk and laugh.  Mom was awake for most of the five hour ordeal, participating in our conversations and debates, although sometimes with her eyes closed. She spent a good amount of time listening to her iPod, sometimes singing out loud (mostly with her eyes closed).  She had a good appetite and knew exactly what she wanted: a chicken salad sandwich from the organic co-op market.  After she ate all that she could, she drank a Zevia ginger ale, carefully refilling her cup until the can was empty.  She took the rest of the day as it came, alternating between resting and relaxing, listening to music, and joining or listening to our disparate ramblings.  We left the cancer center around 4:30.  When we got back to her house she got into bed and began to learn to navigate sleeping with a IV and pump attached to her.  She sent me home with presents for Marley.  She was calling to wish her granddaughter a happy 4th birthday as I arrived at home.  Exhausted from a long day, she wished us good night.

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