Monday, December 10, 2012

Breaking dawn?

Thankfully, Mom was able to sleep through the night.  Elois said she barely moved.  Mickie and Elois had to wake her up, help dress her, comb her hair, and get her to the car..  It took energy just to let them do it.  They made it down to the cancer center to get her pump and needle removed.  On the way back Mickie and Elois needed to stop by Whole Foods for a few groceries.  If there is something we all know about my mom, it is that she gets an adrenaline rush from shopping.  Even at the grocery store.  Suddenly, she had the energy to go into the store as well.  You also know that she cant just have one of anything either.  Three containers of fruit.  Two cartons of milk.  Four of those over there.  "If nothing else, Anthony and Matt will eat it" she told them.  At least, she had food on the brain.  They picked up food for lunch and dinner and when they got back to her house she ate. Unfortunately, a few bites into lunch and she was sick again.   She laid down and slept for the rest of the afternoon/evening.   I talked to her this evening on the phone and she sounded really alert.  She told me that although she still felt nauseous and tired that she did feel better.  The morning started with her needing to be dressed, but ended with her getting around the house with no help.  She told me that she and Elois had just finished praising God for small miracles.  "Its the small miracles that together add up to the big miracle that is life" she told me.

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